Sukkah for Central Park

Sukkah As A Book
Competition Entry
Sukkah for Central Park NY


Nikoloz Lekveishvili
Iryna Tsioma
Maria Popova


Biblical origin, the sukkah is an ephemeral, elemental shelter, erected for one week each fall, in wich it is customary to share meals, entertain, sleep, and rejoice.
The goal of the competition "Sukkah city: New York City" was to re-imagine this ancient phenomenon, develop new methods of material practice and parametric design, and propose radical possibilities of traditional design constraits in a contemporary urban site.
Sukkah as a Book
Sukkah – Structure that has to be built in a very short time with an ability of transporting the materials.
In our project we suggested the idea where sukkah corresponds to the book which is temporary, contemporary, simple and unique at the same time. It is a 2 dimensional structure that stands as an architectural minimalistic structure which is opening as a child book into 3 dimensions and creates sukkah.

Our sukkah is strict and silent that symbolizes Moses, as it is in  Arnold Schoenberg’s famous opera “Moses and Aaron” where Moses is silent and has no word to say (oh word, thou word that I lack). Same time our sukkah is very dynamic and is searching for solution that symbolizes Aaron from the same opera.As a material our sukkah is of steel structure which has 3 complete surfaces – a floor and two walls. 4th surface is a half wall which is created from the structure which appears after construction opened.

One of the walls have the window frame which reminds us that sukkah is not just a place to eat and have a rest but it used to be a home some time ago.
The structure that appears after  the opening of the Sukkah is made our of steel skeleton which is filled with steel net like a grid, so the roof will be made also of  grid and it will be covered with plants or leaves.Sukkah will be installed on the prefabricated concrete platform. It will be as a pedestal for the construction and will give it monumental face. At the same time pedestal will be used as a stair step as it will be of 15 cm height.